Automotive Interconnection Technology

AMP MCP Connectors for Signals and Medium Currents

TE connectivity: AMP_MCP Interconnection Systems

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Electrifying more vehicle functions requires compact, vibration resistant connectors to carry signals and medium currents, e.g. up to 40 amps. TE Automotive demonstrates proven automotive solutions. Electrical interconnections are an increasingly importance part of vehicle technology. The E/E architecture of a modern compact car can easily contain around 1,500 interconnections. A single malfunction can be enough to impact vehicle reliability and/or availability.

Therefore automotive connectors have to be extremely durable under demanding ambient conditions. Considering the electronic packaging density in the car, they also have to be very compact while offering good handling to harness makers, OEMs, and repair shops.

Fueled by the global trend to electrify more functions in the vehicle, it is a frequent requirement to carry medium currents in addition to electronic signals. Ideally this is done with standardized, automotive-grade terminals and housings which offer uncompromising quality and the benefits of scale.

TE Connectivity is supplying the global automotive industry with proven interconnection solutions for medium currents and signals – often integrated in compact hybrid connectors. The TE Automotive business unit is one of the world leaders in automotive interconnection technology. This video explains why TE automotive connectors for medium currents and signals are the technology of choice for modern vehicle requirements.