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Infimotion Technology unveils new ultra-high-performance 800V electric drive unit

On September 5, 2023, InfiMotion Technology unveiled its latest electric drive solution at IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Germany.

As an international cutting-edge brand focusing on new energy and hybrid electric drive units, InfiMotion Technology presented its three main products; electric machines, transmissions, and inverters; thus demonstrating our technical strength in electric drive units.

A new ultra-high-performance 800V electric drive unit - EDU P900 was unveiled. Adopting hairpin flat wire winding technology with 0.2mm silicon steel sheet and other advanced technologies and materials, the P900 electric machine achieves a peak power of 450kW and a peak torque of 630Nm.

In addition, the electric machine developed inhouse by InfiMotion Technology applies innovative technologies such as high torque density topology scheme and asymmetric skewed pole design in the rotor, resulting in excellent power performance and NVH of the motor. InfiMotion Technology also developed the inverter and electric machine controller in-house. By applying the intelligent pulse width modulation control technology, the control is more refined, and the operation is more efficient.

InfiMotion Technology has R&D centers in Gothenburg, Sweden and Wuxi China etcetera, with a team that has nearly 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in transmission systems and electronic components. Currently, InfiMotion Technology has applied for 228 patents worldwide, and has around 1,000 experienced employees. Sales of the developed transmission products exceeded 2.8 million units (until May 2023), of which more than 100,000 units were delivered to the Western European market.

InfiMotion Technology will continue to provide more high-end and efficient electric drive solutions to customers around the world, to promote and accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry to electrification, and to contribute to global sustainable development.