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Simulate the Complete Casting Process for Defect-Free Parts Every Time With a Single Tool

Your first off-tool parts are finally available, only for you to realize they contain pinholes, shrinkage, or hot spots. With your deadline staring you in the face, you can either ship the parts and undoubtedly deal with an unhappy customer or go back to the design stage and try to identify the problem, correct it, and hope it is finally free from defects. And because the trial period in the casting development schedule is underestimated, it is imperative to get your gating design to be robust against process variations before arriving at the testing phase.

Simulation allows for virtual testing early on in the development stage. Accurate prediction and quantification of defects and process design are imperative in order to ‘get it right’ during production trials.

With ESI ProCAST you can cast your parts right the first time, every time –meeting your deadlines and never wasting money on scrap parts or late redesigns. For decades, customers have relied upon ProCAST as their go-to tool for the casting basics – filling, solidification, and porosity prediction. With its finite element technology, it also predicts complex issues like deformations and residual stresses and comprehensively addresses most castable alloys and most casting processes like sand castings, die castings, investment castings, and multiple variants associated with these processes.

More Information: https://www.esi-group.com/products/casting