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Confidently Build Lightweight Composite Products Free From Defects with Easy-to-Use Composite Simulation Software

Composite materials, because of their lightweight properties, strength, and durability, represent key facilitators in the race to reduce carbon emissions. However, when making the shift to industrial mass production, new challenges arise with these materials:

  • How to scale up production to respond to market needs?
  • How to swiftly adapt to new materials to keep up with the speed of innovation in composites?
  • How to price final products to meet market requirements?

Often, this calls for quick iteration and sometimes a new approach to material configuration and process parameters. Simulation allows for both.

With the unique capabilities of ESI PAM-COMPOSITES, you can study each step of the composites manufacturing chain through a process-oriented workflow. Material information and history (local shearing, local fiber content, and orientation, degree of cure, etc.), as well as geometrical properties (shape, thickness, etc.), are seamlessly transferred from one stage of the manufacturing chain to the next. This ensures maximum feedback accuracy when adjusting the process parameters to correct defects and reduce production cycle time.

Once the process chain is optimized to meet product tolerances, results are easily transferred to the design department for an “as-built” instead of “as-designed” structural analysis. This approach minimizes design margins and improves weight reduction.

More Information: https://www.esi-group.com/products/composites